Who we are is not important. Only the Truth is important.

We are simply a collective of like-minded individuals who are seeking a close personal relationship with our Creator.

With that mindset we study the Bible, and historical sources, in order to find where man has corrupted our belief system with religion. We then seek to restore our relationship with our Creator without that corruption.

We do not solicit for funds. You will not find a "DONATE NOW" button on our website. You will not get an email from us demanding money to support our ministry because we believe ourselves to be "Profits" (intentionally mis-spelled). We will not accept your money, even if you tried to give it to us.

We are all gainfully employeed, and not looking to live off a ministry. As the Bible tells us, in the very Ten Commandments themselves, that we are to work six days, and rest on the Sabbath.

Our only hope, and prayer, is that you develop a closer, personal relationship with our Creator through the resources you find here.


We are always stiving for a closer relationship to our Creator.  We sometimes make mistakes, or have not come to the Truth of a matter yet.  Please submit to us your comments, corrections, and ideas here.